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It was written somewhere: “If you wish to change the way people live, you must know how people live.” 

Rewriting it: “If you wish to change the way you live, you must know how you live.” 

Many questions in the mind burst like waves… waves that you don’t know where they come from and where they will end up… a chaos in the mind where everything that concerns us is like a cloudy sky, nebulous and confused.

But questions are a blessing cause If they are posed correctly they may lead to the right answers.

The Greek philosopher Socrates used the midwifery method so that through appropriate questions he could lead his interlocutor to find his own personal truth.

And why not try to have a dialogue with ourselves?

Writing or recording a targeted dialogue on issues that concern us at any given time, can be a very useful tool for those who dare to love their life a little more and want to know it better.

A midwifery method by us for us I feel can only end in good. An indication of a desire to focus on our thoughts and clear this cloudy sky is a sign of true love for our inner self.

Have faith that you will not abandon your own questions. 

Let yourself go on this path and let it surprise you.

Trust yourself that you are able to focus and investigate for the answers you ‘ll seek for.

So, let’s make it personal and I wish us all that in the countless distractions that surround us, we will find the clarity and the desire to engage with what is genuinely relevant to our chosen path.




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