Declare the truth

Truth: the starting point towards self-awareness.
Self-awareness: the turning point towards our path in this life.

Declaring the truth -first to ourselves- may seem easy but can be particularly demanding. Many times, we tell, whispering, thinking false ideas and lies – most of them unconscious – for ourselves or others. Our mind can be used to making them up in order to protect its familiar comfort zone, unable to approach a different perspective.

We sense the truth at moments–cracks that shed light on our real feelings and the dimension of reality, and which bring them to the surface of our conscience: there we gaze at them for a while and then, usually, we turn around and shut the door. This awareness comes and then gets lost in the depth of our existence. And this can happen repeatedly with different straight statements striking us as moments of enlightenment. 

The main reason why we do not pay proper attention to them? 

The fear of change, or metathesiophobia, is a phobia that causes people to avoid changing their circumstances due to being extremely afraid of the unknown. It is sometimes associated with the fear of moving, also known as tropophobia. 

How to Cope With the Fear of the Unknown (

However, we do not need to change absolutely anything if we are not ready for it, but simply to open the eyes of our soul, to acknowledge what is there; to state what is happening to us, and to record this emerging awareness on the conscious part of the mind. 

It is necessary to write down this statement or, even better, to say it out loud so as be heard; in this way, we will be able to use the proper words and to record them on our awareness.

And not only once, but every day. Instead of occupying ourselves with other people’s lives, let us shed light on ourselves and put into words the condition we find ourselves in each time, what is happening to us, how we feel, how we pretend to those around us and why, with whom we are ourselves, which actions we are proud and which ashamed of, how our body looks like and the wrinkles we have… and how many truths….  as many as we can see and understand. 

And all will happen on time, when we will be ready either to radically change a situation, or to transform an already existing one, or simply to shift more consciously and honestly through our experiences. 

Hold open the eyes of the soul and be bold enough to clear the grey clouds of a blurred existence. 


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