Creating the morning boost

creating the morning boost fargesialiving

Most of the times, as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, we want to close them back again, turn on our side and surrender to the arms of Morpheus. 

On a usual day, the morning is our starting point and, potentially, the moment when we create the energy that we will need afterwards. 

Before our mind has time to think what it wants and doesn’t want to do, we create a “higher” mind in order to take action without much thought or emotion. So, we can choose to enter an auto-pilot mode, by making more mechanical rather than conscious movements. 

We leave our phone aside for later (whatever happened during the night will still be there one hour later, so let’s stop worrying about it). We have a light snack for more energy, and we quench our dehydrated body’s thirst with fresh water, we definitely change into workout clothes, and we do whatever each of us has chosen in order to create this physical well-being. 

In the early morning hours, it is usually difficult to practice a physical activity that involves art, such as e.g. dancing, so we may want to choose something more “procedural”. 

After a lot of research in the creation of physical and mental activity that my dreams have been and are still asking for, I very recently observed in practice that it is up to me to raise my body energy and vibration at the frequency that I want for the rest of my day; and the earlier that happens, the more energy time I gain. 

So, let us reflect on where we are and what we expect during the day, and let us choose the most suitable option, depending on our expectations. 

The energy supplied by deep sleep and rest always seeks to be transformed. See it happening in your own body and you will start falling in love with the self that you will watch being created; trust me.

PS It takes a lot of repetition and a constant reminder to ourselves for a habit to become reality. We gain strength by the pleasant sensation that we experience afterwards. Our mind shrinks with the sensation of boredom and lack of comfort that we usually experience beforehand. We can define our thoughts for our benefit. 


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