Connection with the past


I call upon the ancestors from the depths of the ages

I know they are still here with me

I don’t deny them

Τhe land I was born in is theirs too and from their bowels I came forth

Τhey always hover above me as spirits of protection and guidance

I feel it when the smell of my favorite food enters my nostrils and a smile is written all over my face and heart,

I feel it when I hear my grandfather’s favorite song, when he used to sing and dance to that old beat

Life began from the land I first stepped foot on and from the eyes I first saw, from the scents I smelled and the hugs I received

If I accept them as the primary part of my life,

If I recognize them as the beginning of the journey,

If I get to know them better and separate them from the facts that affected my earlier years,

Then, wherever I am in the world, I can be whole and live in peace


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