Concentration: Have we lost the ability to focus?

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I often wonder how intelligent it is to spend so much time on activities we only care about a little or not at all. Many times, we do have a desire to focus and work on something, and eventually we sabotage ourselves by doing hundreds of other things at the same time, so that, in the end, we literally “drug” our initial goal. We have procrastinated for so long that we have lost our zest and finally our interest.

The meaning of the word “attention”: It is a higher function of the human brain that allows us at any time to distance ourselves from other things and pursuits, to stand out and focus on what we are interested in or what we need to accomplish.

Internet, smartphones, e-books, video games … 

Do we actually remember that we, humans, discovered all that? 

That we were here first, before all these things that have devoured our time and energy?

That our ability to focus is inherent? 

I believe that the greatest challenge today is not to invent but to be able to control our inventions. 

Intelligence lies in choosing the perspective from which we observe what is happening before our eyes. Are they here to help us improve our lives or to serve as a means for us to waste our time, deliberately or not? Cultivate this question constantly, until it simply becomes a habit.

“First , it is an intention. Then, a behaviour. Then, a habit. Then, a practice. Then, a second nature. Then, it is simply who you are” Brendon Burchard 

People who use the Internet too often consider it “an extension of their memory”, and their actual memory is declining.

Do we tend to think like “smart” machines?

But truly, what a waste… human nature is a miracle and a mystery at the same time. Our thoughts can reveal surprises, our hands can produce art that never existed before, and our physical body can move and approach people so naturally, without the need for social media to act as a mediator.

If we do the opposite, isn’t it an insult to our nature and the potential given to us?

Being able to focus could mean gaining back. It is not as impossible as it might seem. Start or keep looking for your own ways, and I would be happy if you share them with me to

Lot’s of love



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