Childish or Childlike ?

A challenging distinction
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Where is the child that you once were?

And where is the adult that you struggled so much to create? 

Becoming children again, integrating in our daily life our childhood qualities might be a nice change, in order to offset the severity of the events we experience all around us every day.

We miss so much this carefreeness, without the worries and stress of the tasks we have through the day, every day… We would very much like for some others, whom we trust, to pick up some of the responsibilities we have been carrying around… the same way as, in the past, these others might have been our parents. We would also like to set aside some events that shake our soul, and to regain our laughter. 

However, this nostalgia for childhood sometimes leads to behaviours and patterns that destroy adult life and actually delay processes that should have already been materialized… so that our life could be more functional and pleasant. 

When adults, tired from work and endless responsibilities, choose to get drunk every weekend, so as to finally forget and feel a certain lightness in their soul, or make their own choices only based on enjoyment and pleasure, they finally bring the opposite results than the ones they wish to see in their life. 

We have become so trapped in standard behaviours and imitating others that we do not realize the obvious: to forget yourself for a while by doing something that has no obvious meaning is necessary for decompression, but could these carefree moments accumulate so much in someone’s life that they simply become a painkiller which leads the mind to total apathy?

The best we can do is to accept our age and what it brings with it. And the sooner we learn to manage our obligations and to take advantage of the experience age brings, the better; then, the easier it will be to experiment with our schedule, to increase our concentration in the next step.

Sometimes when I fool around on social media, I feel like a child that doesn’t like its own reality that much and prefers to look for what is there around it….and to get lost in it, to imagine for some moments that it becomes part of it. Something like that could be described as a kind of mental survival. 

But when I feel like that, lately, I try to think of my past childhood behaviours that will be more useful and, in fact, more pleasant:

  • Perhaps if I let myself make a mistake and expose myself? (the child has the inner wisdom, unconsciously, to realize that nobody gives up on their own life to become so concerned with someone else’s mistake or bad image)
  • If I laugh out loud at a joke? in a not so “safe” place? 
  • If I scoff at myself in front of a boy or a girl I like? (a clear sign of self-confidence)
  • If I look up at the ceiling and daydream with my eyes open? 
  • If I run around the park, not so elegantly but a little more awkwardly and invitingly?

Lately, a 13-year old boy has been coming at the dog park in my neighbourhood, without a dog of his own. Having gone through the strictly childish stage, he comes to play with our own dogs, brings them toys, picks the most beautiful sticks from the trees and throws them at them, and runs around the park with our own pets, in the same way they are running around, in a disorderly and irregular way. This image can only bring joy to the rest of us who have not yet managed to run alongside him… 

Finally, I would like to mention that I believe that we all do our best, depending on our knowledge and the tools we have available at any given moment of our life. 

Transformation gradually comes from the desire to create a self closer to our wishes and our soul, so go easy on yourself but go!


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