the art of becoming you

the ride


Welcome to a blog about personal evolution, oriented towards the unique identity and spirit of each human being.

Finding a way of living that is suitable for each one of us could be a “revolutionary” act, in a world where we imitate and reproduce other people’s choices.

Fargesia Living is a space about remembering our true needs and following our inner pace to discover ourselves.

For hundreds of years, the speed of our lives has exceeded the human limits and the vital rhythms that our body and soul ask for in order to be healthy and to walk in this life really feeling it and not just blindly following other people’s actions and thoughts.

The idea for this blog started when I planted my own questions on the subject and my thoughts began to reveal themselves. Wanting to redefine what is happening inside and outside of our bodies, questioning why we should follow certain life rhythms and if they are suitable for everyone, is surely a starting point if you wish to spend your life in a more human way.

The Chinese bamboo Fargesia is a special and unique plant. It can wait underground for five years , collecting the substances it needs from water and earth, until it is ready to start growing. And then, with favorable conditions, it grows non-stop and, in a very short time, what is to be done is done: a beautiful and healthy bamboo.

Let us not be afraid of our personal seed’s waiting and ripening process until it breaks out, if it is to become what we are made to be.

Fargesia Living will follow you, and its purpose is to inspire you so that you choose be brave enough and true to yourself, and to plant your Fargesia seed in your soul.

Welcome to my blog

Great ideas always come in silence…. likewise, fargesialiving came to me during some summer holidays on an island, while drinking Greek coffee and gazing at the deep blue sea. 

At that time, my self was craving a way to express my art, ideas and concerns, and to create a space that would make a shift in one’s life but, at the same time, would bring each reader closer to their true identity.

Hope you enjoy the ride,

Cristina Kará